Our Pastors

First Baptist Church Provo recognizes the Bible's teaching that pastors are to lead and shepherd the church. We recognize that only qualified men may serve as pastors and seek to maintain a plurality of men within this office.

Russ Robinson, Pastor of Preaching & Vision

Russ Robinson

Pastor of Preaching & Vision

Russ was raised in Middle Tennessee where he was saved by God’s grace at a young age. By his own profession he lived for many years as a “chief of hypocrites.” Late into his collegiate studies God used the doctrines of grace to wake him up to his true need of Christ for every part of his life, not just parts of it. During his studies and upon graduation from Union University in 2003, Russ served on the staff of two churches in Tennessee, started and stopped seminary studies in Louisville, Kentucky, and worked as a carpenter in Shelbyville, Tennessee. In 2009 he accepted the call from the First Baptist Church of Provo to serve as their pastor. Russ and his wife, Lesley, and their four children have enjoyed God at First Baptist Church since January 2010. His driving passion for First Baptist Church is to see every member captivated by the glory of God and dedicated to making Christ known in Utah County and all the earth. When he is not enjoying his family and church he can either be found reading a book, occasionally picking up where he left off with seminary studies, or enjoying all of Utah's outdoor activities.

James Thompson, Pastor of Education

James Thompson

Pastor of Education

James Thompson has been an active member of, and lay leader in, seven Southern Baptist churches in Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Utah since 1999. He joined the Southern Baptist family of churches after being baptized at the age of seventeen; previously James had identified as Agnostic. He has completed a B.A. in Christian Ministry with the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and is working on a Master of Divinity, with a specialization in Church History. James has been serving at the First Baptist Church of Provo since 2011, focussing specifically on the education ministries within the church, and he was elected to the office of Pastor at FBC Provo in the Summer of 2015. He works full-time as a Software Engineer, has been married to Pamela since 2003, and has five children.

Keith Parker, Pastor of Missions & Discipleship

Keith Parker

Pastor of Missions & Discipleship

Keith Parker grew up on a farm outside of Hahira, Georgia. Keith was raised in church by his parents and even made a decision for Christ at the age of 11 but there was no change in his life in regards to the things of God. From the age of 11 to 24 Keith rebelled against God and lived a life of destructive sinful behaviors, shaking his fist at God and living as he pleased, but still calling himself a Christian. At the age of 24, by God’s grace and mercy alone, God caused Keith to turn from his rebellion and turn to Him through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This was truly a life changing event in the life of Keith and has given him the desire to share with, and show people what God can do in their lives. Since becoming a follower of Jesus, Keith has served and taught in various ministerial roles in the local church. He has earned a bachelors degree in missions, evangelism and church growth from Boyce College. Keith has also directed a biblically based residential addictions program in Louisville, Ky., pastored a church in Hahira, and presently serves as one of the pastors at FBC Provo. Keith, his wife Julie, and three children live in Provo, Utah. Keith works in the manufacturing industry.

Kirk Shull, Pastor of Gospel Community

Kirk Shull

Pastor of Gospel Community

Kirk Shull was called to be a Pastor at First Baptist Church in Provo in August 2015. God saved Kirk at age 21 while he was serving in the USMC. He loves to share the amazing gospel message that changed his life. He is a native of North Carolina and has been serving in Baptist churches for over 10 years. He has a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry from Crown College of the Bible, and he has completed some postgraduate work at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary. He has a passion for preaching and teaching God’s Word. Kirk and his wife, Kathy, have five wonderful children. He lives in Springville and works as an account manager in the logistics industry.

Our Deacons

First Baptist Church Provo recognizes the Bible's teaching that deacons are to serve the needs of the church in specific areas. We recongize that qualified men and women may serve as deacons and seek to maintain as many deacons as necessary for the needs of the body.


Lance Cooper, Benevolency and Building & Grounds
Mickie Jeffries, Building & Grounds
David Porter, Benevolency and Building & Grounds
Louis Wilkins, Benevolency


Katie Cooper, Hospitality, Kitchen and Children & Youth
Pam Thompson, Hospitality and Children & Youth